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Sheltering Children Worldwide and Locally

A Sheltered Life is a fundraising organization founded by four long-time friends who were inspired by the homeless children they met on a mission trip to Medellin, Colombia in January 2012.

A Sheltered Life is a fundraising organization founded by long-time friends who were inspired by the homeless children on a trip to Medellin, Colombia in January 2012.

Our trip to Medellin opened our hearts and minds to the problems with poverty and the lack of resources to deal with these issues properly.  The number of homeless children in Colombia is staggering.  According to Unicef, the exact number of homeless, aka street, children is impossible to quantify, but is likely to number in the tens of millions or higher, and some estimates place the figure as high as 100 million.  Our first year, our event focused solely on helping nurture these children by building three orphanages in Colombia.  We did this by partnering with ICM, an established 501(c) nonprofit organization that has been around for over 30 years in the ministry.  ICM has built over 8400 churches/Hope Centers/Orphanages in 90 countries to date.

Our events have raised over $925,000 and helped build 37 orphanages, hope centers, as well as helping Boys and Girls Country locally.

Our first event was held in October of 2012. The event was put together rather quickly (from our perspective), but was a huge success. We raised over $115,000 and also raised awareness about the needs to people internationally.

In 2013, we made many additions to our event.  First, we added a local charity, Boys and Girls’ Country, as a beneficiary.  While we recognized the need internationally, there is a large need locally as well.  We also added entertainment to our event.  John C. Morgan, a George Bush impersonator, and he was excellent.  Our 2013 event raised $135,000 which was used to build three orphanages internationally, two in Honduras and one in Columbia, and to help Boys and Girls’ Country locally.

For the last few years, we have continued our annual event and have had a ball. We have had amazing entertainers from painters (David Garibaldi, 2014 and Dan Dunn, 2017) to comedians (Michael Jr., 2015) to music (Molly and the Ringwalds, 2016) to magicians (Ben Jackson, 2018). This year will be no different, as we are trying to determine our entertainment, but we know it will be great. We have raised a total of $925,000 in the first seven years which has helped build over 20 orphanages worldwide and support Boys and Girls Country locally.

With these funds, we have helped build 37 orphanages with more to come. We have also been able to support Boys and Girls’ Country. Our goals for 2019 is to continue to raise awareness and money for our wonderful beneficiaries, help children both locally and internationally, and provide a great night for our supporters.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that helps make this event a success year after year.

If you would like to get actively involved, please get in touch with us.  We want to continue to meet and increase our goals, and can only do that with your help.